Dark chocolate Alluvia Orange Peel 80g


🍊Dark chocolate orange peel, the chocolate bar Alluvia made for the soul within you longing for those beautiful childhood memories.

Childhood in every Vietnamese kid was the magical treats the bag that mom carried. Those afternoons when the most exciting thing was to wait for mom to be back and see what could be the treat mom bought us that day. We couldn’t take our eyes off her bag. We always knew there was something for us, either a pinwheel, a tò he, candies or a guava, a cluster of burmese grape, a shiny lickerish orange. Mom’s bag, to us, was Doraemon’s magical bag where anything you pull out from it, was a fascinating gift.

Flavored with orange peel, Alluvia’s Dark Chocolate Orange Peel brings back the familiar taste of our childhood treat, a ticket to travel back in time and visit those lovely moments.

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