Alluvia Story

More than 100 years ago this place was a dot on Annam map.

A peaceful countryside under the shade of coconut and bamboo trees, nestled in the bank of the legendary Mekong River.

The place of vastly fields and plantations, where the people of South Vietnam still live kindly and proudly generous despite the many ups and downs of history.

And here it is written the nice story of Alluvia, a two-generation family have made handcraft bean-to-bar chocolates.

If Mr Xuan Ron works on the plantation and transforms the cocoa into original creations, his daughter Diep, is in charge of the promotion and export of the family chocolate brand.

Behind Alluvia is the desire and a strong desire to introduce the Vietnamese and gourmets of the world a chocolate handcrafted on the banks of the Mekong Delta.

Cocoa trees are planted and maintained by local farmers in accordance with international procedures and certified bt UTZ. The hand-selected beans containing the unique fruity perfumes of Cho Gao region, Tien Giang are then dried, ground and Processed into chocolates, in the traditional way of the bean-to-bar process.

The Mekong soil in rich alluvium helps to give our cocoa beans with the unique fruity flavor.

In addition to the advantage of the cocoa material zone, Alluvia can make the best chocolate bars thanks to knowhow and the advanced technologies.