Where to Buy Cacao Nibs in Saigon? Top Brands and Stores

Cacao nibs benefits

Vietnam has seen an emerging demand for cacao and chocolate as its people realize its great advantages after using it daily. This is the reason why many top local and international brands start to produce the best cacao products to the community. If you’re looking for where to buy cacao nibs and other chocolate products in Saigon, here are our best recommendations.

Cacao nibs benefits

Cacao Nibs: Definition, Benefits, and Usage

The Difference Between Cacao and Cocoa

Let’s take some time to differentiate cacao and cocoa! These two ingredients are produced from the cacao trees. However, the difference between the two lies in the heating process!

After the cacao beans are collected, they are made into powder and roasted at different levels. Higher temperatures produce cocoa while the lower heat creates cacao. 

History of cacao in Vietnam

The cacao beans can be made into various forms such as nibs, chips and chocolate bars.

Since cacao is purer than cocoa, the content of nutrition is perfectly preserved. This is the reason why cacao nibs are one of the best-sellers thanks to the generous source of benefits they deliver to the human body.

So, What are Cacao Nibs?

Simply speaking, cacao nibs are the purest form of chocolate before additives. Cacao nibs are the dried fragments of cacao beans. Its texture is similar to roasted coffee beans. Cacao nibs have a strong chocolate flavor, which is bitter and nutlike. 

Cacao nibs

Cacao nibs are the greatest source of benefits as no unhealthy additives are used in the making. Some of the best nutritional sources include antioxidants, fiber, iron, and magnesium.

Five Nutritional Benefits of Cacao Nibs

Now you have a peek of why cacao nibs are good for your health. Read more to dig deeper into the five nutritional benefits of cacao nibs!

Cacao Nibs Have a Great Source of Fiber and Iron

Raw cacao nibs have a high content of magnesium. This is a crucial mineral that is active in more than 300 chemical reactions happening in the human body every day, which include nerve function and increasing bone health. 

Cacao Nibs Play a Big Role as a Cognitive Activity for The Brain

Recently, a group of researchers at the Northumbria University in England started an examination about the effects of cacao on cognitive activity. The result of the experiment was positive. It stated that the high content polyphenol in cacao nibs are protective against the decrease of cognitive function. Consider consuming more cacao nibs if you want to develop a healthy brain!

Cacao Nibs Control Blood Sugar

Many people believe that eating chocolate frequently is an unhealthy habit. However, a group of researchers has proved that consuming cacao nibs enhance the cardiovascular system. Accordingly, it helps balance blood pressure.

The research tested patients by letting them consume cacao nibs. A positive result claimed that they witnessed a decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure by 5mm after 2 weeks of eating unprocessed cacao.

Cacao Nibs Light up Your Mood

Raw cacao nibs comprise endorphins and serotonin compounds in the brain. Endorphins and serotonin are the two essential chemicals that play the role of cheering us up. In addition, these two factors help lessen anxiety and accordingly, delivers a sense of self-awareness to the brain.

Cacao Nibs Lower the Risk of Diabetes

Organic cacao or cacao nibs are proved to have a high level of flavanols. This is a great factor that controls the risk of diabetes. Cacao nibs that are rich in flavanols balance blood pressure and regulate the glucose level in blood. As a result, it develops the function of cells that are accountable for producing insulin.

cocoa flavanols

Five Best Ways to Use Cacao Nibs

Knowing that cacao nibs are essential in your daily diet, it’s time to take a look at five different ways to consume cacao nibs besides eating them raw.

Drink with Tea of Coffee

Take cacao nibs right out of the box, mix them well with your tea or coffee while adding in boiled water.

Mix with Fruits 

How about a bowl of dried fruits and nuts for a healthy lunch snack? Put a handful of cacao nibs and mix them all together.

Make Smoothies

Craving for some chocolaty flavor in smoothies? Add cacao nibs atop the smoothies as a topping.

Include in Breakfast

Cacao nibs are an awesome add-in for breakfast, especially with oatmeal or cereal.

Bake with Cakes

Consider using cacao nibs instead of chocolate to bake with cakes or muffins. They have a deep chocolate richness without gaining weight.

cocoa flavanols

Where to Buy Cacao Nibs in Ho Chi Minh City? 

Top Chocolate Brand in Ho Chi Minh City

Alluvia is the top local brand in Vietnam producing bean-to-bar chocolate. They grow cacao beans domestically from a Mekong Delta province and turn them into variable products, from chocolate bars to organic cacao-based goodies and drinks. You can choose from cacao nibs, powder, chocolate desserts, and even cocoa butter!

Buying Cacao Nibs from Organic Food Stores in Ho Chi Minh City

Healthy food shop in Danang
FB: Alluvia Chocolatier Vietnam

Looking for cacao nibs from a famous food store is easy and fast. You can freely scan through many different cacao brands before adding them to your cart. Here are our top five recommendations for where to buy cacao nibs in Saigon food stores.

  • Alluvia Chocolate Saigon

Address: 110 Le Loi Street, District 1, HCMC

  • Ân Nam Gourmet Takashimaya

Address: Floor B2 – 65 Le Loi Street, District 1, HCMC.

  •     Nam An Market 

Address: 6 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 1, HCMC.

  •     Coop Extra 

Address: Tan Phong Ward, District 5, HCMC.

  •     Organica Shop

Address: 30 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, District 3, HCMC

  • Hồng Anh Gift & Travel 

Address: 6A De Tham Street, Cau Ong Lanh Ward, District 1, HCMC.

Now you know where you should go to grab some cacao nibs in Ho Chi Minh City. This article is an ultimate guideline about where to buy cacao nibs in Saigon. Not only can you learn more about this awesome cacao product but you also know how to use them for the best nutritional values. Do not forget to bookmark this article and share it with your friends if they’re chocoholics!

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