Danang Must Buy: Top Four Souvenir You Cannot Miss

Hantou shop in Danang

Danang is one of the best cities in Southeast Asia, attracting millions of tourists each year. Apart from the gorgeous natural attractions, Danang is a shopping paradise that has plenty of special souvenirs visitors should bring back home. In this article, we recommend the four must-buy souvenirs in Danang, along with the best travel tips for first-time visitors. 

The Best Time to Visit Danang

Danang Weather – What to Know

Danang weather has two distinct seasons every year. The monsoon season spans from September to March in which the temperature ranges from as low 18°C up to as high as 31°C. Danang weather from September to March sees bursts of rain on rare occurrences. 

The dry season is from April to August. Scorching tropical heat and high humidity levels are typical during these months with temperatures shooting up to around 35°C. 

Best Time to Visit Danang

The best time to visit Danang is from February to May. Whether just basking in the sun or exploring the city on foot, this is the perfect time for some outdoor activities!

Some Must-do Activities in Danang

If you’re a first-timer to Danang, here are our 7 favorite things to do that you should not miss!

My Khe Beach

To enjoy all of these activities to the fullest, spend at least 2 to 3 nights in Danang! And don’t forget to have the best local guide show you around!

Ultimate List of Danang Must Buy Souvenirs


A lot of tourists forget this mouth-watering souvenir when visiting Danang. Chocolate is one of the best souvenirs to bring back home. Who doesn’t like the hearty sweetness of chocolate? You can gift the best Vietnamese chocolate to your friends and beloved family member. Vietnam is one of the most famous countries to produce chocolate nowadays. This means a bar of chocolate made in Vietnam will be a big surprise to your loved ones!

History of cacao in Vietnam

Paintings and Fine arts

Hand embroidery is one of the traditional arts that is still present and popular in Vietnam. Symbols, animals, landscapes, portraits are just some of the few themes where skilled artists take inspiration from. Tourists who want a more personalized piece could request these artisans to make intricate patterns based on their ideas and liking. 

Marble Handicrafts

Marble has been an essential part of the Non Nuoc stone carving village. Though there might be plenty of traditional stone carving villages, it is said that only Non-Nuoc made pieces truly bring out the beauty in these marble carvings. Most of the images depicted in these artworks are Buddha and pagodas. Yet more common designs such as animals, rings and various souvenirs are also available for sale.

Beef-dumpling and Pork-bologna

Da Nang beef-dumpling and pork-bologna are edible souvenirs you can gift your family. Made of wholesome beef and pork, these are authentic Danang cuisines that can be used for daily meals. Tourists can easily find beef-dumpling and pork bologna in the local wet markets, supermarkets or convenience stores in Danang. 

Beef dumpling

Where to Find Danang Must Buy Souvenirs?

Big Markets in Danang

Con Market

Much larger than the previously mentioned Han Market, Con Market or also known as Da Nang Commercial Center is a prominent shopping venue in Danang with more than thousands of stalls vending items from wet and dry foods, handicrafts, apparels, and accessories at wholesale prices. Con Market is one of the busiest places to go in Danang covering almost an entire city block and it’s the best place to dive into if you’re looking for a feel of the local community. 

Han Market 

Set in a two-story building in the heart of Da Nang is the Han Market where shopping could be called crazy. This place had been operating since the French occupation in the 1940s and up today, hundreds of stalls are packed closely selling clothing, textiles and small appliances on the upper floor and tons of local food, both fresh and cooked on the ground floor. It is also worth noting that some of Da Nang’s top tailors could be found setting up shop here making it a great place to source quality custom made suits and dresses.

Han Market

Non Nuoc Fine Arts Village

Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village is situated at the foot of the Marble Mountains south of the city. With over 500 manufacturers, artisan workshops and retail outlets selling marble goods at affordable prices, it has been a prime destination for both tourists and locals to buy statues, household items and jewelry sourced and made from the stones found in the Marble Mountains.

Souvenir Stores in Danang 

Alluvia Chocolate 

One of the more popular chocolate brands, Alluvia Chocolatier has been the forefront of the chocolate industry. With cacao beans originating from their alluvium rich farms in Southern Vietnam, Alluvia has upped their game of bean to bar manufacturing by also offering a variety of chocolate products at reasonable prices. Coffee drinks, desserts, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and cocoa nibs are available at the cafe to satisfy that craving while snacking on that guilty yet healthy pleasure.

Hantou Souvenir Shop

Just a walking distance away from the Dragon Bridge, Hantou Souvenir Shop has been the go-to place for many when buying things to bring back home after visiting Danang. With a surprising collection of trinkets, bags, shoes and handmade hats, they also offer specialty food items that can be brought back as gifts. 

Hantou shop in Danang

Danang Souvenir and Cafe

Simple, spacious and a comfortable hub, Danang Souvenir and Cafe is a quaint rest-stop shop in the busy streets of Da Nang. It is a popular and convenient place for visitors to relax and grab some trinkets for souvenirs, as well as for working professionals who meet up with their clients for meetings. The place reflects its down-to-earth and relaxed vibe with floor-to-ceiling windows, carambola and bougainvillea trees along the vicinity, and the best part, the magnificent view overlooking the Han River. 

Now you get an ultimate guide to Danang must-buy souvenirs for yourself! It’s time to pack your bags and get your shopping day started! Don’t forget to share this article with your friends as they may be in Danang at the moment and looking for the same answer!

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